"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it"
Sometimes I feel like I was carved from a stone of apathy, and then I laugh at someone who just faceplanted accross the street.

One of my favourite avatar moments, love some uncle iroh wisdom haha

Am I the only one still recovering from eastenders last week?

"Don’t you have 16,000 words due in 7 days? I’d be freaking out!"

Writing my CV


I dare say this may improve my bare looking CV…

Oh Manchester you so pretty in the sun
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dont u just

Urgh, this is deffo a week to just live in your fridge
SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! No idea what to do with myself now, getting a bit lost… Oh no, i'm one of those people that creates work for themself to avoid down time aren’t I? -.-

Why I can never study in the public library


I look at the guy next to me and I’m like:

"And that person is watching iplayer! That person isn’t even awake! >: (” - me when trying to find a space in a full library