"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it"
Sometimes I feel like I was carved from a stone of apathy, and then I laugh at someone who just faceplanted accross the street.
"Don’t you have 16,000 words due in 7 days? I’d be freaking out!"

Writing my CV


I dare say this may improve my bare looking CV…

Oh Manchester you so pretty in the sun
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dont u just

Urgh, this is deffo a week to just live in your fridge
SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! No idea what to do with myself now, getting a bit lost… Oh no, i'm one of those people that creates work for themself to avoid down time aren’t I? -.-

Why I can never study in the public library


I look at the guy next to me and I’m like:

"And that person is watching iplayer! That person isn’t even awake! >: (” - me when trying to find a space in a full library

'We can't give people samples, otherwise they'd never buy them' oh dear, and their attempts to make the potatoes look as pretty as possible didn't work out well either -.-
Thank you Kat, its about time someone did this to him